Service Operation Console

Experience fast and efficient service management from video management to channel
registration on the web-based console.

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Each company has a video streaming service operation policy that suits its business.
Kollus video platform provides a web-based console that allows you to manage video content and services.

service operation policy

Fast and stable video upload & transcoding

It supports web upload, dedicated client, and
API-based Pass-through method. You can configure the optimal upload environment
with a workflow that matches the operation policy.

It supports all formats and codecs that are compatible
with devices such as web browsers / tablets / smartphones. The user can also set
the detailed encoding contents directly.

  • Video file


    Content Manager



  • Upload Server

    Kollus CMS Upload

    Upload API

    Kollus Uploader

    FTP Client

  • Transcoding

  • CDN Publishing

  • User

Management System for Video Services

Video File Management

Through Libraries / Category / Channel policies,
allow to organize and manage
video content to distribute numerous
video files to suit your desired business purpose

Content Management

Efficient content management is possible
by collecting the encoding files, subtitles, thumbnail images, etc. of video content
into 'media' units and issuing MCK
(Media Content Key).

Channel Operation Policy Management

Depending on the service scenario and policy,
it is possible to set and manage each channel, such as access control and
content security (encryption)

Content Distribution

Distribution sources such as direct
URLs and iframe codes are provided for sharing between video content viewers,
and external channel uploads are also
possible through channel settings .

Administrator Right Management

By supporting a multi-account environment,
it is possible to set access rights for each
user and manage differential content
access for each function .

API-based workflow integration support

The management and operation functions of the service
can be flexibly connected with your media workflow
through the API.

API-based workflow integration support

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