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CATENOID is a term used to describe the phenomenon of maintaining
maximum stability with minimum energy . And the result of maximizing this effect
can be easily found in many construction and civil engineering sites.

In the recent business environment represented by digital transformation, it is important to optimally
combine the four factors (FPSS): function, cost, customer support, and reliability in order to
maintain business consistency and realize stable performance.
We are doing our best to find a ‘Catenoid' effect for video services.





Company Profile CI

Catenoid, what Kind of company are we?

A company that is not afraid to try

Rather than failure, the inability to share our opinions freely is a factor to be afraid of.

We feel that it is important to discuss freely and to listen to each other's thoughts. We believe that finding the best way to freely express opinions beyond business has led the development of Catenoid.

A company that respects people

Individuals are not perfect. However, as individuals, we can be more perfect.

To wait a little longer, to go together even if we go slowly is the goal of our company. It's important to move forward, even if it's a little late. We believe that respecting people is the fastest way for a company to develop.

Catenoid, careful and respectful corporate life

Company Life that Respects The Individual

We aim for a corporate life in which individual work and life are respected through a flexible working system that pursues work-life harmony and welfare cards that support hobbies and self-development.

Caring Corporate Life

A culture of praise that recognizes efforts and hard work and special celebration events are the seeds of a company life that respects and cares for each other.


Catenoid Korea Headquarter
  • 4th and 5th floors, Samha BLDG, 502 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • 1544-4367

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Japan branch
  • 東京都中央区新川1丁目2−12 金山ビルディング6階
  • 050-5526-1546

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