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Optimize your video distribution workflow for more business environments
to maximize video utilization while reducing administrative costs.

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Loomex is

functions as a dedicated platform for online distribution of content and broadcast streams obtained from the baseband.
In addition, it is provided in combination with various systems and services such as media asset management systems, CDNs, and players.

Distribution Media Asset Management

Loomex acquires content and broadcast streams from the existing asset management system and converts them into types optimized for distribution.

External Platform / Distribution Channel Management

Distribute VOD and broadcast streams to YouTube, Facebook, social media, or external video platforms. Information such as URL, Port, Application, Stream Key, etc. may be different for each distribution and distribution site and it can be systematically managed through the API.

Broadcast Programming and Transmission System (VOD/LIVE)

NVOD (Near VOD), which acquires and retransmits a real-time broadcast stream such as live commerce or sports broadcast or organizes existing video files in chronological order and transmits them as a single broadcast stream, or a daily linear stream (Linear Stream) to implement channel broadcasting.

Stream Monitoring

It acquires live streams in RTMP, HLS and SDI formats and monitors the transmission status. If a professional hardware encoder is used, a custom remote management system using the API or SDK provided by the vendor is also supported for monitoring.

Video Editing / Stream Editing

It provides an editing interface and dashboard that converts the acquired video file frame by frame to create the necessary clips in real-time. You can also configure a workflow to create different versions of a VOD or video clip in real-time based on the TS-chunk data provided by the encoder. These editing features can speed up video production and reduce costs.

AI/ML extension

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are actively being used in digital media. When video audio and image analysis and multilingual subtitles are required, service functions are developed in combination with AI and ML.

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