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Kollus player supports your business more safely with a variety of environment-optimized
viewing experiences and powerful content protection technology.

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Kollus Video Player

Kollus Video Player is the best video player in Korea used by more than 1 million viewers on various devices, OS, and browser environments.
Kollus player is occupying an overwhelming share, especially in the e-learning industry, where strong security of video content, compatibility with various devices and stability are required.

Kollus Video Player

Kollus Security Player

[A secure video player that can be played on most existing platforms]
The player provides the optimum viewing environment.

OS Browser
Windows XP ~
active-X (Under IE 9)
Non active-X (IE 9~)
MACMAC Mac OS 10.9.X ~
AndroidAndroid Android 4.0.3 ~
(ICS_MR1, App Level 15 ~)

Download & Play that allows you to watch videos even in an offline environment.
Supports easy and convenient functions (double speed playback, bookmarks, repeat, continuous playback)

HTML5 player

Kollus player provides a player that supports the next-generation Web standard, HTML5, for
stable viewing by users all over the world.

HTML5 player
HTML5 player
Security Security media authentication / Multi-DRM support O
Player Double speed playback / repeat playback O
Subtitles O
Bookmark O
Progress rate data O
Other Skin customization O
N-screen (continued playback) O
Advertising settings O

Equipped with some functions of Kollus security player
(double speed playback, bookmark, repeat playback, continuous playback)
Player skin customization API
support Image banner / video Ad insertion function (VAST support)

Player SDK

If you have a mobile app, you can use the SDK to optimize all functions of Kollus Player.

Player SDK

Android / iOS compatible
5-step content protection function
Player skin customization

5-layered Content Protection

Content protection is very important when delivering to specific users or providing paid services.
Kollus Player provides 5-layered powerful security features that prevent video content from being illegally
duplicated and distributed and can track the location of the leak in case the content is leaked.

Block the illegal content leakage and unauthorized use through strong 5-layeredprotection
  • Pre-

  • Post-

Media Certification
Media Certification

Issue a one-time-URL(Video Access Link Restriction) to block playback from unauthorized access.

- Kollus Security Player / HTML5 Player

Blocking Duplicate Playback
Blocking Duplicate Playback

When playing a video, it provides a function to check the playback information and access time that encrypted each user’s(end-user) ID and player ID, and block playback from unauthorized users.

- Kollus Security Player / HTML5 Player

DRM (Kollus DRM / Multi-DRM)
  • Kollus DRM: By granting the permission to play video content, only users who have the permission can play it on the security player. It is the Catenoid-specific DRM and can be customized.
  • Muliti-DRM: DRM developed by global platform operators (Microsoft/Apple/Google) and introduced to enable operation in the global standard environment when distributing content overseas.

- Kollus Security Player

Blocking recording tools
Blocking recording tools

It detectsPC and mobile screen recording programs and blocks illegal recording attempts. It provides the blocking function of the Catenoid’s own recording tool and the recognition and blocking function of the recording program provided by a company specialized in the field.

- Kollus Security Player


This is a unique service for Catenoid that uses both audio and video watermarking for the first time in Korea. Encrypted code is inserted into the content before service, and when the content is leaked, the information is identified, and the distributor can be tracked.

- Kollus Security Player / HTML5 Player

Security Player

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