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Catenoid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter 'Catenoid' or 'Company') thoroughly complies with domestic personal information protection laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter the 'Information and Communications Network Act') and the Personal Information Protection Act from service planning to termination. Comply with it.

This privacy policy applies to the 'Catenoid service site' ( provided by the company, and the table of contents is as follows.Some of the necessary matters required by the relevant laws and regulations in writing the personal information processing policy were included, and in the rest, content that Catenoid determined to be important for the protection of users' personal information was added.

1. Significance of Privacy Policy

Catenoid wrote this personal information processing policy based on the Information and Communications Network Act, but made an effort to explain the user's personal information processing status on the Catenoid site in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner.

This is the introduction of the 'Plain Language Privacy Policy', which is the principle of writing a privacy policy using simple terms. Learn More

The privacy policy has the following important meanings.
- 'Personal information', such as what information the Catenoid collects, how it uses the collected information, with whom it is shared ('consigned or provided') as necessary, and when and how the information that has achieved the purpose of use is destroyed We provide transparent information related to the life of a person.
- As a subject of information, the user has what rights to his/her personal information, and what methods and procedures can be used to exercise them. In addition, it also informs about the rights that legal representatives (parents, etc.) can exercise for the protection of personal information of children under the age of 14.
- In the event of a personal information breach, we will inform you of whom to contact and how to get help to prevent further damage and repair damage that has already occurred
- Above all, it is a means to guarantee the user's 'right to self-determination of personal information' by stipulating the relationship of rights and obligations between users of the Catenoid service in relation to personal information.

2. Personal information we collect

Users can use the Catenoid service page without registering as a member.When a user receives a consultation inquiry, such as a service inquiry, Catenoid collects the minimum personal information necessary for an answer.
The personal information that Catenoid collects from users at the time of application for consultation inquiry is as follows.
- For the free trial, 'name, company name, email address, and phone' are collected as essential items.
- For service use inquiries, 'name, company name, email address, and phone' are collected as mandatory items.
IP addresses, cookies, device information, and location information may be created and collected in the course of using the service.
1) the information and communication service provider creates and stores (collects)
2) safely converts the unique information of the user's device so that the original value cannot be checked. It means to collect after you have done it.
Catenoid collects personal information through the following methods.
- When the user agrees to the collection of personal information and directly enters information during the service use inquiry application process, the personal information is collected.
- In the course of consulting through the customer center, personal information of users may be collected through web pages, e-mails, faxes, and phone calls.
- Personal information may be collected in writing at offline events and seminars.
- You may receive personal information from an external company or organization affiliated with Catenoid, and in this case, it will be provided to Catenoid after obtaining consent from the user to provide personal information from the affiliate in accordance with the Information and Communications Network Act.
- Generated information such as device information may be automatically generated and collected in the process of using the PC web or mobile web.

3. Use of collected personal information

Catenoid uses personal information only for the following purposes, such as customer inquiries, service development, provision and improvement, and establishment of a safe and convenient use environment.
-- Personal information such as name and e-mail address is used for inquiries and consultation.
- In addition to the provision of existing services such as content (including advertisements), new service elements such as demographic analysis, analysis of service visits and usage records, formation of relationships between users based on personal information and interests, and provision of customized services based on acquaintances and interests We use personal information to discover and improve existing services.
-- Personal information is used for service usage records and access frequency analysis, service usage statistics, service analysis and customized service provision according to statistics and advertisements.
- In terms of security, privacy, and safety, personal information is used to establish a service environment that users can use with confidence.

4. Provision and consignment of personal information

In principle, Catenoid does not provide personal information to the outside without the user's consent.Catenoid does not provide personal information to the outside without the user's prior consent. However, if the user directly consents to the provision of personal information in order to use the services of an external partner, and if there is an obligation to submit personal information to the Catenoid in accordance with the relevant laws, the imminent risk to the life or safety of the user is confirmed We are providing personal information only in cases where it is necessary to solve this problem.Catenoid does not entrust the user's personal information to a third party.

5.Destruction of personal information

In principle, the company destroys users' personal information without delay when they withdraw from membership.However, if the user obtains separate consent for the storage period of personal information, or if the law imposes an obligation to keep information for a certain period, personal information will be safely stored for that period.In the following cases, the storage of information for a certain period of time is stipulated in laws such as the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce Transactions, the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and the Communication Secret Protection Act. During this period, Catenoid keeps personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and will never use this information for any other purpose..
Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, etc.
Records of such contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years storagePayments and records relating to the supply of goods: 5 years storageConsumer complaints and records of the dispute: 3 years storage

6. Efforts of Catenoid to protect personal information

Catenoid does its best to safely manage users' personal information, and protects personal information in accordance with the policies required by the Information and Communications Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act..

- Personal information is encrypted.
User's name and e-mail are encrypted, stored and managed, and confirmation and change of personal information is possible only by the person in charge and the department in charge.

- Manage personal information safely from internal and external security threats.To prevent leakage or damage to members' personal information by hacking or computer viruses, the system is installed in an area where access is controlled from outside. Data are frequently backed up in preparation for damage to personal information, and the latest vaccine program is used to prevent leakage or damage to users' personal information or data. We transmit and receive personal information safely over the network through encrypted communication, etc.

- We keep the number of personal information handlers to a minimum.We limit the number of employees who handle personal information to a minimum and provide a separate password for this purpose and update it regularly. In addition, we are constantly emphasizing compliance with the company's website privacy policy through regular training for personal information handlers and regular training and campaigns for company-wide employees.
- We are operating an organization dedicated to protecting personal information.Catenoid is always taking technical/administrative protective measures so that the internal personal information protection department can properly comply with the user's personal information protection obligations.However, the company is not responsible for any problems caused by the leakage of personal information such as ID, password, and resident registration number due to the user's negligence or problems on the Internet.

7. Personal information protection manager and person in charge

Catenoid has designated the person in charge of personal information protection and the person in charge as follows to handle inquiries and complaints related to users' personal information.
Chief Privacy Officer
Name : Hyunjong Cho
Affiliation : Service Team
Position : Team Leader
Phone : 1544-4367 | Email :

Privacy Officer
Name : Minsik Shin
Affiliation : Service Team
Tel : 1544-4367 | Email :

If you need to report or consult on other personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.
Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( / 118 without area code)
Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 1833-6972)Cyber Investigation Division of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / without area code) 1301)
National Police Agency Cyber Security Bureau ( / 182 without area code)

8. Scope of application of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applied to inquiries about Catenoid’s service, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to the act of collecting personal information from other companies' websites linked to this site.

9. Obligation to notify before revision

If there are any additions, deletions, or modifications to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you in advance through the website notice at least 7 days before the revision. However, when a significant change in user rights occurs, such as a change in the items of personal information to be collected or the purpose of use, it is notified at least 30 days in advance.


This Privacy Policy is effective from January 1, 2019.


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