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Extend your touchpoints with mobile-friendly consumers with the Catenoid live commerce solution
that offers a differentiated shopping experience.

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Kollus Live commerce

is a one-stop live commerce solution that provides total IT outsourcing services for Live Commerce businesses, including content planning and production,
marketing, consulting, academy, design, and studios.


We provide a
transmission app
for easy broadcasting.

This app for sellers or creators, and anyone
can easily send videos anytime, anywhere.

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Effective live broadcasting operation is possible with the Live Studio(Live Studio).

It can be connected to existing shopping mall information and able to operate and monitor live broadcasting. You can quickly monitor broadcast time, number of viewers, number of likes, and number of orders through real-time data queries even during broadcasting, chatting, purchase status, and broadcasting.

라이브 스튜디오(Assist Board)

You can communicate with
real-time buyers
through video
screens of various functions.

This app for sellers or creators, and anyone
can easily send videos anytime, anywhere.

    Key Features

  • Mute
  • Chat
  • Subscription (notice when registering a broadcast subject to subscription)
  • Like
  • Share
  • Buying (Shopping mall service interlink)
  • Number of accesses
  • Broadcasting report (Sneaky, Slang, etc.)



Multi-transmission method(Syndication)
is available on video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

It provides a web-based content management page and implements connection/transmission functions on predetermined external platforms (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) using the syndication function within the page.

라이브 스튜디오(Assist Board)

Build Live Commerce with an optimized model for customer’s enterprise environment.

  • Enterprise Type

    Build customized live commerce solutions optimized for enterprise environments

    Recommended for the e-commerce shopping mall type with multiple sellers
  • Brand Type

    Provides standardized live commerce solutions for the brand mall in SaaS

    Recommended for the brand's mall type

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