Content Distribution & Asset Management

In order to effectively utilize a large amount of video assets in a digital environment, systematic media asset management is required.

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Distribution Platform?

You can systematically manage content and data that increase dramatically in accordance with
changes in online trends and effectively contribute to time and cost savings.

In the digital media environment,
original content is converted and distributed in various forms.

FileLive of VOD Clips
Real-time Live Stream

Secondary and tertiary editing according to
the purpose of each channel and platform

Transcoding for each channel and
viewer experience

All day (24 hours) &
event (irregular) scheduling

Multiple distributions
including SNS, external
(streaming server, OTT and referrer) channels

Loomex assigns a unique media ID to the acquired content and enables a systematic distribution asset management system.

In addition, the distribution ID system is used to generate a report that can perform
effective media strategies by analyzing the distribution status.

미디어 자산과 메타데이터

Own information of Contents
(type, kind, source, document, etc.)

Content Distribution Information
(content information, production/direction/transmission,
broadcasting information, etc.)

Original content and metadata obtained in the form of VOD or Live Stream must be effectively
managed for distribution purpose, and this step may affect future strategies.

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