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[Online Education] Online Training Streaming Services for Professionals
Date : 2021-01-28Views : 279
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⁠Even before COVID-19, professional associations and organizations have used online seminars as a very effective 

means of communication. Especially in the medical field, it is not easy to visit offline lectures due to busy business.


⁠Online live seminars and dentistry may be accompanied by the patient's treatment process or surgical video, and access is also subject 

to membership, so programs consisting of about 300 people or two to three hours a day. The legal team training in lawyers and 

companies is similar, in which case it is efficient to design a flexible cost system in terms of viewing time.

⁠Although the number of people accessing and viewing time is small, the procedure to make full use of the video platform is the same. 

We need guidance on the necessary player and installation process and how to deal with connection errors. Also, we need LMS service 

to confirm the course as it delivers educational programs for professionals. This part can provide sufficient support within 

the scope of Catenoid's partnership.



⁠Recently, a training seminar is actively being held in the form of transmitting recorded files according to the broadcast schedule rather 

than live broadcasting, and even if it is a recorded broadcast, the progress check function is needed effectively. Content protection is 

also required because it is a private service for subscribers. Even if it is not DRM, functions such as blocking duplicate access or 

preventing recording capture, which connect with the same ID at the same time, are effectively applied.

Professionals spend their training time in busy field activities. Therefore, video platform service providers can also support video viewing error prevention and failure response methods and guidance manuals and guide links to related official bulletin boards. For example, error codes such as 1000 and 3012 are common error situations during video viewing, which occur when broadcast signals are not received normally due to the unevenness of the viewer's Internet environment, especially when viewing a wireless Internet environment.

⁠Watch Video Error Code 1000
Error Code 3012 - Network Connection Environment


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