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[⁠Media & Broadcasting] Paid live performance service in Southeast Asia
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 92
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BTS and Super Junior's online live concert was a major event that confirmed the possibility of a paid live streaming service. 

However, large-scale live concerts require large-scale production costs and advance preparations, and may vary depending on the scale. 


In fact, when providing PPV service models to viewers in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, other service environments 

for content protection are considered. In particular, when viewers detect a specific pattern of video recording attempts 

in a device, they prefer the secure capture function in a chorus-only player with security techniques that limit real-time viewing.


⁠In addition to sending streams, video platforms must collaborate with local business partners of customers. 

To allow only paid ticket buyers to view the video URL, the process of returning only valid video URLs to 

authorized users must be tailored to the customer's system, providing sufficient guidance and communication.


⁠Global CDN service management and management require different management from CDN management in Korea. 

This is a necessary condition and requires information such as global network topology, quality of multiple CDN vendors, 

and adequate bypass and real-time monitoring.


⁠In order for global audiences to watch live concerts, video players with security features must be installed in 

accordance with business policies. Chorus players have already been registered in Google Play and Apple's app stores, 

which have increased access to installations, and ticket sales companies have now been able to effectively provide this information to viewers.


⁠Global CDN service management for stable distribution, secure content protection, and website-based authorization 

and authentication processes can provide effective online live concerts.


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