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[⁠Commerce] Improving the mobile live commerce environment to maximize sales
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 306
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The biggest form of video service recently offered is video commerce. Laban, also known as "Live Commerce Broadcasting," has fundamentally changed 
all forms of commerce. Live commerce usually uses YouTube, but to improve its business model and maximize sales, it is dominant to improve its video 
commerce platform or have a dedicated platform to maintain a consistent long-term commerce business.
⁠In particular, 70% of e-commerce users shop through apps (Apps), and mobile accessibility is a fundamental prerequisite, 
making upgrade plans and platform choices more important to maintain consistent service in the future.
To maximize sales, you need a dedicated platform that can implement broadcast-based services that can be viewed on IPTV. 
This fundamentally removes restrictions on existing YouTube and other platforms.
⁠Video commerce requires integration between various stakeholders and systems. You need to optimize your e-commerce experience, 
including sellers, broadcasting studios and monitoring systems for e-commerce system operators, and UXUI, an e-commerce app that facilitates 
your audience's purchasing experience.
⁠In addition, complex system integrations with all commercial meta-information, broadcasting information, product information, and purchase information must be able to accept API management that complies with enterprise-level security policies. This is not easy to understand in most commercial service models, where only simple mobile encoders and commercial sales apps (APPs) are exposed.

⁠Catenoid's video commerce platform provides a platform for consistent commerce from a longer-term perspective.


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