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[⁠Media & Broadcasting] Necessity of Digital Content Distribution Platform
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 134
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⁠Digital archiving is now an essential building block for content businesses. However, the archive system itself does not represent online distribution.

 Content also needs a workflow from the point of view of distribution. Of course, integration with your digital archive is a must.


⁠Content business operators manage the entire process from acquisition to distribution and have unique workflows. The distribution will also include 

CP partners who want their own sites, social channels, or mezzanine-class files as much as possible. This part requires something from the perspective 

of online distribution.


⁠The content distribution that most broadcasters consider has several keywords.


  • Flexible expansion to cloud or hybrid form
  • Distribution and automation to multiple platforms
  • Maximize compliance with the workflow of your own infrastructure and production systems
  • Collection of measurement data for distribution effect
  • Web-based editing (mainly CUT, Trim) and extended connections to NLE


As content consumption trends change, many stakeholders believe that more flexible and efficient distribution-only platforms are 

needed than existing static CMS and MAMs. We must also accept more concrete requirements.

  • Modular system structure
  • Expandable Metadata Structure Design
  • Container-based serverless data collection system utilizing virtualized cloud
  • Compound study of databases such as RDB and NoSQL
  • Consider real-time, scheduling, etc. when collecting various data and metadata
  • User-centric second half work - NLE, shared storage expansion allocation


Content businesses own dozens of Tbyte and PetaByte media assets, producing a significant amount of video and clips every day. 

And this is done in quite a few manuals. Therefore, automation requires efficiency and fast scalability.

⁠Broadcasting stations are introducing distribution platforms as separate tracks from digital production systems, and Catenoid provides such distribution platforms based on VCAST.

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