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[Online Education] TV-OUT Control for Fitness Training Content
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 162
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⁠One of the most influenced areas of educational content by COVID-19 is fitness.

⁠Fitness contents are also produced as video contents so that they can be used as home training. In terms of service 

perspective and viewer experience, it is necessary to think differently from conventional Internet lecture content when providing these services.


Training contents are contents that induce you to follow the actual action. You may need a smartphone or tablet size monitor to check 

for more accurate behavior. The problem is, the mirroring of smartphones or TV-OUT is a very cautious environmental change from 

a content protection and copyright perspective.


⁠Normally, Internet lecture content does not allow TV-OUT or mirroring (Mirroring) support. This is a sensitive business issue linked to 

copyright protection and profitability maximization. However, training content can maximize the effectiveness of learning only 

by following actions on a large-sized screen.


⁠In this case, apply the TV-OUT option for a specific channel and discuss security policy settings such as duplicate playback prevention 

and IP whitelist. In particular, the service policy set on the video platform is common to Android and IOS devices other than laptops, 

so it is necessary to discuss the service policy with the content provider.


⁠The video platform of Catenoid can apply options to maximize the viewing experience based on content characteristics, even if they are the same educational content.

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