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[⁠Media & Broadcasting] Broadcasting Multilingual Subtitle Production Function Using VCAST
Date : 2021-05-13Views : 172
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Many concerts and performances have been broadcast online, and the popularity of paid ticket purchasing models is a major change.

⁠Some of the plays and musical performances in Daehakno have been provided through paid live streaming, and online broadcasting 

services are gradually becoming more sophisticated based on collaboration with customers. 

Live broadcasts are provided in real-time live streaming, VOD, and FileLive (or NVOD) ways, but live streaming is available 

to viewers in real time according to the on-site performance schedule.

⁠Audio synchronization (sync) is of great importance when performing live (or NVOD service) live. It should be fully verified through a test 

broadcast. In addition to analyzing files recorded on the Kollus live platform, we will also perform verification activities such as obtaining 

original streams and analyzing original files with our customers.

The actual test was carried out under the same conditions as real-time transmission of video and audio from six cameras.



Audience UIUX for viewing performances requires discussion from the planning stage, and security policies for paid performances 

are required in this discussion. This content will also be reflected in the online viewing guide and precautions.


If you are running a recording application, you may be restricted from using video clips, unauthorized distribution of content, and processing are copyright infringements.

⁠Whether you want to deploy video players that support the HTML5 standard running Multi-DRM, or optimize applications(Apps) with Kollus player(including SDKs) 

that utilize video capture protection and dedicated chat components, you can design solutions according to service policies and capabilities.

⁠Only one device can be viewed, and existing devices will be discontinued if connected at the same time.

⁠This setting is used to block duplicate ID connections. Check the playback status of duplicate IDs in a five-minute cycle (or other cycles) and predefine whether 

the object of the session is the first connected ID or the second connected ID.


Other consultations will be added according to the service plan. Operator notice distribution function during chatting. PIP (including background PIP, all PIPs in the app), 

device change continuation, pre/ postroll connection, and instruction distribution can be discussed in advance. Also, chatting can be applied through custom SDK for 

communication between viewers and operators. Font, size, color, and chat box repositioning of text are small but can give viewers a very effective experience.

⁠CDN service management is required to divide the viewing area into Korean and non-Korean areas, which may affect channel management and account 

management, but workflows are created by live channel or account. Separate workflows can prevent operational disruptions and errors 

(e.g., incorrect CDN service profiles) that occur when there are more live relay programs in the future.


⁠Provide an operating environment to maintain service consistency. Existing business systems and Single Sign On (SSO) viewer information are the basis, 

and operational management, including video content uploads, must be checked in the same way. It is also necessary to provide a report on the results of the viewing.


⁠Online relay services may still be in their infancy, but they are clearly recognized as another business model.



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